East Terrace editor’s Czech ‘Ragby’ book gets nominated for top award

The latest rugby book from East Terrace editor James Stafford was nominated for a prestigious literary award in the Czech Republic.

Ragby‘, co-authored with art historian Petra Nováková (with contributions from writers and photographers around the world), was on the shortlist at the Magnesia Litera awards. Published by Labyrint it was nominated in the ‘Outstanding Publishing Feat’ category.

A unique book of essays, photography, art and design, Ragby is the most significant and in depth book ever published on the sport in Czech. The book was also nominated for a national design award earlier this year. Whilst Ragby ultimately did not win the main prize at the Magnesia Litera awards, it was a fantastic achievement to be shortlisted — especially in a country where the sport is very much a minority interest.

The book has received plenty of coverage and praise across Czech media. James Stafford was interviewed (in English) on Radio Prague and by Reporter Magazine (in Czech). It is Stafford’s second book to be published in the Czech Republic.

As well as advising on photography, research sources and topics, Stafford wrote chapters on a wide range of topics including the history of the sport, the women’s game, the history of the World Cup, Gareth Edwards, Japanese rugby and the 1895 split that created rugby league. The image of Gareth Edwards below is one of several fantastic creations in the book from Czech artist Petra Waldauf Slabá.


Stafford’s first book published in the Czech market, The Sorrowful Putto of Prague, was endorsed by none other than Hollywood legend and comic lover Samuel L. Jackson. The webcomic the book was based on also featured a music track from Cure keyboardist Roger O’Donnell.

Editor and co-author Petra Nováková appeared on several television shows, podcasts and interviews to talk about the book too.

Despite being published in Czech, the book has received several orders from non-Czech speaking rugby collectors.

Ragby is Stafford’s fifth book on rugby. He is the author of the ‘Illustrated History of Rugby’ series from Polaris and ‘How Wales Beat the Mighty All Blacks’ from Y Lolfa. Stafford also co-authored the ‘Bleddyn’ comic book with Steve Coombs.

Thanks to all those who have supported Ragby.