East Terrace editor to publish history of Welsh national rugby team

The founder and editor of The East Terrace, James Stafford, is set to publish his first rugby book. In February 2021, Polaris Publishers will release “An Illustrated History of Welsh Rugby: Fun Facts and Stories from 140 Years of International Rugby“. It will be the first in a series and followed by the history of the English national side.

The book is packed with original illustrations by Raluca Moldovan. The talented Romanian artist Raluca previously worked with James on his 2017 book Truchlivý amoret pražský (The Sorrowful Putto of Prague). There will be additional art from Josel Nicolas (also a Sorrowful Putto co-artist), Ched De Gala, Anne Cakebread and Carys Feehan.

The book takes readers on a chronological journey from the arrival of rugby in Wales in the nineteenth century, right up to 2020.

Edwards - Stafford Moldovan

Coming in 2021 – Art by Raluca Moldovan.

A history for all

The book has been written and designed to appeal to readers of all ages and for hardcore and casual followers, especially those who want to learn more not just about the sport in Wales, but Wales itself. Each chapter sets the achievements (or failures) of the Welsh team in the context of the society they represented at the time.

While the book is packed with stats and facts, it goes beyond mere list-making to tell the stories that bring the game to lifeas well as help keep alive the stories and characters that came along before the advent of colour television. The men that wore the shirt in 1893 did as much to shape the game in Wales today as those side-burned heroes of the 1970s did. This book tells their tale with equal relish.

Polaris Books is set to publish History of Welsh Rugby in February 2021. To stay in the loop on all the latest around the book, make sure to check back here or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

John Gwilliam

1950s hero John Gwilliam (Art by Raluca Moldovan).