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The East Terrace begins search for worst rugby kit of all time

Canda '95
Canada '95 - Worst kit ever?

Posted July 2007

The East Terrace is embarking upon perhaps its most ambitious project yet.

With your help we want to find the worst rugby kit ever to disgrace the rugby field.

There was a time when first class rugby was played in simple, no-frills, first class kits. Until the early nineties the Home Unions, for example, wore shirts that had basically remained unchanged in over a century. Other than improvements in detail on the national crests that adorned each shirt, nothing changed at all. England wore a plain white shirt, Ireland green with white collar, Scotland navy with white collar and Wales scarlet with white collar.

Then came the likes of Cotton Traders and suddenly rugby went all soccer on us. Logos of kit manufacturers appeared, tasteless annual changes to classic designs became the norm and then, inevitably, jersey sponsorship stained our shirts.

With the World Cup approaching, the unions of all the major nations have began releasing the new and latest god-awful design for their respective national kits.

So as an antidote to the fashion disasters coming up, we want to start a regular series looking at the worst kits ever to blight our beloved game and we want your help in doing so.

So Terrace dewellers, send us what you think is the worst rugby kit you’ve seen in the oval game.

Send your nomination, picture if possible (and if you are wearing it all the better!), to

We await the horrors you bring us.