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Argentina patronised by world media after ‘shock’ victory

RWC 2007
World Cup 'shock'

Posted September 2007

Despite having beaten France in four of their last five encounters before the 2007 World Cup - as well as having repeatedly beaten major nations such as Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales both home and away over recent years - Argentina were patronised by media outlets all over the world after they turned over Les Bleus in Paris on Friday night.

The Pumas 17-12 victory was reported around the world with repeated use of words such as ‘shock’, ‘upset’ and ‘underdogs’.

The IRB are believed to be planning to respond to the latest Argentinean ‘shock’ victory by once again promising to make some general noises about possibly one day considering to maybe have a discussion about debating the concept of talks on including Argentina in a competitive tournament in the next decade.