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IRB award Argentina with place in competitive tournament

Pumas get some proper rugby
Pumas to play in new tournament

Posted 12th November

In response to recent successes by the Argentinean national side and in an attempt to expand the global strength of the game, the International Rugby Board have agreed to include the Pumas in a new annual competitive tournament.

At present, despite many on field successes, Argentina have no competitive tournament to play in during the four-year period between world cups.

Despite this disadvantage, and a myriad of problems with player release, funding and training, the Argentineans have beaten France in their last four meetings, regularly beaten Wales and Scotland, run the All Blacks close on a number of occasions, defeated Ireland in the world cup and, most recently, emerged victorious against the world champions at Twickenham.

The IRB have announced that in 2012 they will launch the Argentinean Solo-Nation Championship to allow the Pumas regular competitive rugby.

With the SANZAR nations having dismissed the idea of expanding the Tri-Nations in favour of playing themselves ad nauseam and logistical and cultural reasons being blamed for them being left out of the Six Nations, the Pumas have no regular, structured tournament to play in.

The IRB have proclaimed that the new tournament will see Argentina play themselves three times a year for the chance to be crowned the Argentinean champions.

‘It is a huge step forward for the game,’ said an IRB spokesperson in an exclusive statement to

‘We realise that many people have accused us of having been slow to accommodate the needs of Argentina and that we were keeping the top table of rugby union off limits to newcomers. However, we feel this new, exciting and vibrant tournament will do wonders for Argentina whilst not disrupting the well established Six Nations or Tri-Nations or any associated television money and sponsor income.’

As a further sign of their commitment to the new tournament, the IRB have stated they may even ask the European clubs to release a few of their Argentinean players for the new championship.

‘Hopefully,’ added the IRB spokesperson, ‘this announcement has ended all doubts about our commitment to the global growth of the game.’

Book makers have revealed that Argentina are 2/1 to lift the inaugural title in 2012.