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Paddy Power buy chunk of Tonga dignity

RWC 2007
Paddy Power buy some dignity

Posted September 2007

Irish bookmakers Paddy Power seized a significant slice of Tongan dignity as they bought the name of star centre Epi Taione.

With smaller rugby nations like Tonga struggling to pool together financial resources to allow them to prepare properly for major events like the world cup, Paddy Power took advantage of the game’s rich and poor divide to strip the proud island of a significant portion of its dignity.

As a result of a five-figure sponsorship deal Taione has legally changed his name to Paddy Power for the duration of the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

“We saw a chance to get some publicity and we took it,” said a spokesperson for the Irish bookmakers.

“What better advert for a major corporation than buying a small piece of a pacific island’s dignity and mocking it on a worldwide platform? Just think how much laughter we can have in this part of the world as the cute little old Tongan players try ever so hard to win a game whilst one of their players has a funny old Irish name.”

Paddy Power are believed to be considering purchasing the souls of the Portuguese rugby side for a minor advertising campaign later in the year as well as changing the name of Nambia’s captain to Mr. Place All Your Bets at Paddy Power.