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Wilkinson and Lady Luck confirm end of relationship

Wilkinson and Lady Luck 'are over'

Posted 14th September, 2005

England and Newcastle fly-half Jonny Wilkinson has confirmed media rumours of his break up with Lady Luck. At a packed press conference at Twickenham, Wilkinson confirmed the relationship gossip as he announced he would not be fit for England’s autumn internationals after having his troubled appendix removed.

It is the latest incident in a long line of injury and illness that have plagued the World Cup winner - who has not pulled on an English shirt since he kicked the winning points in the 2003 World Cup final.

Since that famous night in Australia, and before his latest appendix problem, Wilkinson has suffered two knee injuries, fractured a bone in his shoulder, had an operation on his neck and shoulder, suffered an injury to his right arm and been involved in two earthquakes.

‘I just want to be straight with everyone,’ said the twenty-six year old. ‘I think anyone who has followed my career since my start in professional rugby with Newcastle in 1997 will have noticed that I have struggled lately. I owe it to the fans, coaches and my fellow players to come clean: Lady Luck and me are not together at this moment in time. We’ve been on and off for two years now and we are officially having some time apart right now. But maybe in the future we’ll be back together.’

Twickenham, after maintaining an official silence on Wilkinson and Lady Luck’s relationship for over two years, finally issued their own statement on the matter: ‘"It's a sad thing. For all intents and purposes they've really tried to make a go out of it. He has a busy schedule, she has a busy schedule. But we are confident, even without the support of Lady Luck, Jonny will soon be back on the road to recovery.’

Lady Luck, when contacted by The East Terrace, said the following: ‘As everyone in rugby circles know, me and Jonny had a very strong and meaningful relationship a couple of years back. We had many highs together including Six Nations glory, domestic league titles, Lions’ caps and, most famously, a dramatic World Cup win against Australia. I will never forget these moments and will treasure them always. But myself and Jonny began having relationship troubles straight after the World Cup win. We have some personal issues at present and until we sort them out life is going to be difficult.’

Rob Andrew, Wilkinson’s coach and mentor at Newcastle Falcons appealed to Lady luck to return any of Jonny’s personal belongings that she may be holding on to: ‘Jonny is having a rough time in hospital and I think the least Lady luck could do is return any of Jonny’s CDs and books she may have.’

Rugby pundits have expressed their regret at the end of the affiliation. ‘The golden couple were seen as having one of the strongest relationships in rugby a few years back,’ said one London journalist. ‘It seemed to be a storybook kind of partnership. Three years ago there were no tell-tale signs that pointed to any problems.’

Meanwhile, England coach Andy Robinson has indicated he may hire the mascot from the old Lucky Charms cereal commercials as a personal advisor for Wilkinson. ‘At the very least he’ll have something magically delicious,’ said the England chief.