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We want your feedback on the latest rugby video games

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How much have rugby games really moved on?

We want your views on the current crop of video games

Rugby is not the most straightforward of sports to transfer to computer or console. It has far more areas and styles of play than soccer, as well as having more players to program. It also lacks the set-piece nature of American Football, a game that has been almost digitally perfected in Electronic Art’s Madden franchise.

Programmers have to allow for rucks, mauls, lineouts, complicated offsides, tackling, punts, grubbers, up and unders, scrums and much more besides.

The East Terrace, whilst appreciating the difficulties in transferring rugby to video games, thinks it is about time rugby had its own Madden or Pro Evolution Soccer. This is where you come in. We want you to give us your feedback on what you love or loathe about rugby video games. We also want to know what you think should be included in future titles. We don’t care if it is from EA Rugby 06 or Jonah Lomu Rugby, lets us know what bugs you or delights you.

We want to canvas your opinion and then, in time, present them to the likes of Electronic Arts. So if you have anything to say tell us. Just drop us a line at:

Similarly, if you would just like to share with us tips, cheats and hints for any rugby game out there, or even just reminisce about games long past, then drop us a line.

We’ll often be giving prizes to those who do and we’ll include the best comments on future pages. So get writing.