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Six Nations committee stick two fingers up to genuine fans

Six Nations to be played on Friday

Posted April 2008

The Six Nations committee have announced that the 2009 Six Nations will see the first Friday evening fixture in championship history.

In a major break with tradition, even more than the controversial advent of Sunday fixtures in the late 1990s, the Six Nations organisers have decided to play part of the beloved Championship outside of the weekend slot.

France will take on defending champions Wales in Praris on Friday 27th February 2009, with kick off at 9pm local time.

“We considered the unique social aspect of the Six Nations before making the decision,” said an RBS 6N spokesperson. “We know that the fans, both travelling and local, have played a huge part in making the oldest international annual sporting event in the world the huge success it is today. We are aware that we are tinkering with tradition in a way which is not welcomed by the genuine fan in the street and that these major changes would only be welcomed by the casual, armchair supporter. We also considered that Friday rugby can be awkward for travelling fans who now may have to take more time off work to arrive in time for the game.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that late Friday kick offs can cause even more inconvenience for home fans:

“For example, the French fans who live a fair distance outside of Paris now have to take their Friday off work to travel to the game and, realistically, will not have any evening left to enjoy socially after the game has finished. As I said, we took these important factors into account and decided, well: ‘screw you’ In fact: ‘screw the lot of you’. The television companies are happy so who cares about the rest, eh?”

The RBS committee are expected to shortly announce more ways of disrespecting the paying fans for the 2010 championship.