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IRB to introduce new ELV ball

ELV ball
The new ELV Rugby Ball

Posted April 2008

The International Rugby Board have formally announced that a new ball is to be introduced into rugby union to coincide with the European implementation of the ELVs (Experimental Law Variations).

The ball (pictured) has been designed by the same expert panel – the Laws Project Group (LPG) – that originally drew up the ELVs for the IRB. The laws have been designed to ‘fix’ many problems that are seen to exist within the current laws of rugby union.

The new-fangled ball is a radical departure from the traditional oval shaped ball that has graced rugby for nearly two centuries. The latest model is of a spherical shape and may well further enrage traditionalists who already oppose the glut of changes being toyed with in the Southern Hemisphere.

“We feel that this ball more accurately reflects the spirit of the ELVs than our current oval shaped one”, said Paddy O’Brien, referee manager for the IRB and a part of the LPG. “This ball is the next logical step in our mission to grow the game of rugby union throughout the globe. If this goes well we have all sorts of other changes lined up.”

The IRB denied that they have also considered changing rugby’s current posts to baskets with netting for the 2011 world cup.