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Your Top Class Guide to Improving as a Player

eddiemoansBy Eddie Moans, Coach of Sully Plastics 3rd XV

Hi Readers.

Can you believe it? Another season is upon us already. I've had bagfuls of letters from amateur players asking how they can improve their fitness for the coming season. So I've decided to ignore these and focus on how you can improve your team's tactical play (if you're not fit for the season now then you should have got off your ass earlier).

Firstly, never forget rugby is a simple game and can be improved by simple things. The aim of the game is simply to score more than the opposition. The end. Really, that's all it is. I've outlined a few steps below, which, if you follow to the letter, should help you achieve winning ways:

Well that's it for now. Follow the above points (except maybe the last one) and you should be getting invited to coach the New Zealand backline in no time.

Yours in rugby,

Eddie Moans