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Rugby workshop with Eddie Moans

eddie moansYour occasional top class guide to improving as a player

By Eddie Moans - Coach of Sully Plastics 3rd XV

Hello Rugby People,

Iíve had bagfuls of emails from keen rugby folk who want to build on the rugby knowledge I so kindly shared with them last season. Therefore, Iíve decided to once again offer my wisdom to the wider rugby world. Having covered tactics before in my column, this time I am going to approach the area most rugby players dread: fitness.

Yes it is tough and not much fun on a windy, wet winter night, but fitness work is essential for the serious rugby player. It is critical in the modern game that players have strength and stamina to contribute to the team effort for a full 80 minutes. Iím going to outline a few key points to help you get in tip-top shape:

Well thatís it for now. Follow the above points and you should be getting invited to turn out in the Celtic League in no time.

Yours in rugby,

Eddie Moans

Head Coach, Sully Plastics 3rd XV