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Matt Dawson skips training to catch concluding episode of Quincy

Quincy hard at work solving another 'open and shut' case
Quincy hard at work solving another 'open and shut' case

Originally posted in 2004

Just one month after Dawson was axed from the English squad after missing training with England due to television commitments, the scrum half has enraged Wasps' coach Warren Gatland by skipping a squad session to watch the concluding episode of a two-part Quincy M.E show.

The popular TV show, starring Jack Klugman (best known for Hollywood classic 'Twelve Angry Men') as an unorthodox, womanising, maverick Los Angeles coroner, has been a firm favourite of Dawson's for many years. The show initially aired in the late 70s to early 80s, but has since been a mainstay of UK daytime TV.

'We had done a pretty tough session on the Monday,' explained Dawson. 'Tuesday was an early session and I got back in time to catch a lunchtime episode of Quincy. It was great, the first part of the classic 'Quincy's Wedding'. Quincy is trying to prepare for his wedding and solve an apparent 'open and shut' death case at the same time. Anyway, Wednesday training was due to be full contact defence drill which, to be honest, I really wasn't looking forward to as I have a few knocks. I woke up on time, struggled getting up and was really lacking motivation. Whilst I was getting ready I began to get really excited thinking how on earth Quincy solved the case from the day before and managed to get married. I mean, I really couldn't see how he could get out of this one. He had no evidence, the cops were convinced it was natural causes, his boss banned him from taking on the case, the witnesses weren't talking. The odds were stacked against him from the off.'

From Dawson's statement, released by his agent, it appears he made the fateful decision to stay and watch the TV when he couldn't find his gum shield anywhere. After twenty minutes of searching he decided he had had enough.

'Sure, I could have taped it I suppose,' said Dawson. 'But it's a bit like watching the highlights of a big game rather than being there, it isn't the same.' Dawson explained that Quincy's constant fighting against the odds can inspire him on the rugby field when things are getting tough. The world cup winner admits to thinking of Quincy many times during that famous extra time in the World Cup final.

Dawson was in the news just a few weeks back for missing England training to film a light hearted TV quiz show. Wasps' coach Warren Gatland refused to comment on the matter of when Dawson would return to club colours. Gatland did, however, ask if anyone knew how Quincy did get the bad guys this week. 'He sure gets into some crazy situations that ole' doc,' added Gatland.