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2006 Awards
The East Terrace Team of the Year 2006

Posted January 2007

The IRB has recently started making quite a fuss over its annual awards bash.

Each year the great and the good or world rugby come together to reward the gameís best coaches, players, teams and administrators.

The thing is, the IRB awards are a bit, well, boring. They avoid the crucial issues in the world game.

Such as, who exactly has the best looking kit in the game? Or, indeed, the worse?

So as no-one else bothered, The East Terrace has decided to create its own version of the International Rugby Board gongs and give you the answers.

So, dear Terrace dwellers, we bring you the 2006 East Terrace Annual Rugby Awards.

Team of the Year

Stade Francais
- Any team that can wear these shirts (see picture on this page and then visit here) and even begin to compete in probably the toughest league in the world deserves our full respect (and maybe even a little pity).

It isn't the only bad shirt they have either: view more here.

Player of the Year

Chiliboy Ralepelle (South African Hooker). We didnít pick him because of his power, his skills or his form. We didnít pick him because he was the first black captain in South African history, we picked him purely because he has the coolest name in world rugby.


Coach of the Year

Agen coach Didier Faugeron takes this award because of his understanding management of professional, top class winger Rupeni Caucaunibuca. The Fijian thought it was too cold to go out for the warm-up in Dublin recently before his side played Leinster at Lansdowne Road and was allowed to stay in the dressing room.

Just to confirm, this wasnít an under-nine game of mini-rugby, this was a pool game in the European Cup.

Way to build team unity..

Organising Union with most unorganised and inefficient approach to sacking coaches

Welsh Rugby Union & Rugby Football Union - Joint Winners

Team with most optimistic choice of home venue

Edinburgh - Murrayfield

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